When Entering and Leaving Pilates Equipment Classes...




If you are arriving for a Pilates Equipment session while a yoga class is happening, it will be necessary to walk behind the students in class to reach the Reformer room.  In these instances, please help us ensure that all students have a pleasant experience by heeding these simple requests:


  • If possible, remove shoes in the hallway and carry them with you in to the Reformer studio.  As yoga students are often in a meditative pose on their mats, take care to tread softly on our hardwood floors.


  • Did you know that we have a closet for all of your belongings inside the Reformer Studio?  So as not to disturb yogis with the sounds of rustling bags and coats, falling hangers, zippers, etc., please bring all of your belongings with you into class.


  • Please be mindful not to speak as you are walking through the main studio.  In particular, avoid carrying on conversations from the Pilates room or speaking loudly when standing right beside the Reformer studio door.


  • The walls between the Reformer studio and the main studio are thin and some sound does carry above and through them.  Normal conversational volume will not disturb yoga classes, but please be aware that some students have reported hearing loud talking and clanging metal when straps are tossed to the ground. 


  • It's not usually one or two disturbances, but a combination of all of the above that can upset someone's yoga experience.  If we each apply the measures outlined above, then everyone will be able to enjoy the space equally. 


We appreciate your business and want to ensure that everyone has the best experience possible at our studio.  Thank you for your help making our space hospitable for all of our diverse activities.  Please let us know if you have any further thoughts or suggestions.


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