Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is a multifaceted approach to wellbeing that incorporates stretching, focused breathing, mental centering, and preparation for birth. Ohana’s yoga program aims to facilitate a more comfortable and happy pregnancy, while equipping moms with tools they can use throughout their pregnancy, during labor, and postpartum.

The following elements make up the essential core of Ohana prenatal yoga classes:

Breathing techniques: We will explore different breathing techniques to use throughout your pregnancy to encourage a more relaxed state of being for mom. In addition, we will cover breath work that can be used during labor.

Yoga Postures: Through gentle stretching and safely modified yoga postures, our classes will address many of the common discomforts brought on by pregnancy, in addition to strengthening the body to physically prepare for the work of labor. All of our instructors have received certification to teach prenatal yoga through Yoga Alliance.

Relaxation Skills: Anxiety and stress are common for expecting moms. Our classes will teach specific relaxation techniques that women can utilize to encourage inner peace and centeredness. These techniques serve to fortify mothers with the ability to tune into their own unique wisdom and intuition.

Community: Ohana believes that support from community is central to creating a happy pregnancy and new parent experience. Our prenatal classes offer women a safe space to gather and share with one another. Ohana aims to bring women together in this way, in the hope that lasting connections will be made and continued support will take place postpartum. 

Class times: Every Sunday 2:45pm - 4:00pm 
Preregistration is recommended to reserve your spot! You can sign up online for single classes or packages.  

Drop in rate: $18 
Ten class pass: $150
Unlimited complete pregnancy pass: $360

We also offer private sessions in the comfort of your home - ask for details!

Caroline-Team-Page-Photo-at-OhanaAbout the teacher: Caroline’s passion for working with pregnant women stems from her background in clinical psychology, where she researched the transformational process of pregnancy and motherhood. Caroline worked with pregnant women in New York City’s Bronx neighborhood and was inspired to train to become a doula with DONA in 2012. Caroline strives to empower every woman before, during, and after the birth process, and believes in the transcendent power that every woman can achieve with a supportive birth experience. Caroline is a registered yoga teacher with a specialty in prenatal yoga. She trained with the Amala School of Prenatal Yoga for certification in this area. Caroline holds a BA in psychology from the University of Chicago, and an MA in clinical psychology from Columbia University.

ohana*Ohana is a birth and parenting services company that offers prenatal yoga, childbirth classes, doulas, parent groups and concierge services. Ohana serves clients throughout the Chicagoland area. “Ohana,” means family in Hawaiian and refers to one’s inner circle of family and close friends. 


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